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Gluten Free Cookies, The Best Gluten Free Snacks


Whenever it is that you go to any restaurant or any food establishments, you get to hear people asking for gluten free food. Some people are using gluten free food as part of their diet for weight loss, while others are simply looking for gluten free products as they are allergic to gluten.


With all the things that we have heard about gluten, what exactly does it mean when we say gluten free? Gluten in a type of protein compound that is found in wheat and other grain products, like kamut, triticale, spelt, barley and rye. People who have an autoimmune disease called the celiac disease are strictly prohibited from ingesting any gluten products. There are also those individuals who are simply sensitive to any wheat products.


With more and more people asking for pizzelle cookies, establishments are compelled to address the demand by creating gluten free snack items and other food products. Gluten free cookies make use of gluten free flour that looks the same way as any regular flour, but are devoid of gluten protein.


Gluten free cookies are very common nowadays. There are numerous food makers who market their own version of these cookies. They make use of different materials to make their cookies have its distinct texture, but they also ensure that their materials are all gluten-free. If you are interested in creating your own gluten free cookies, you can find a lot of recipes online. Read more claims about gluten free snacks at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/16/gluten-free-diet-myths_n_3280488.html.


Other than making pizzelle cookies, you can also make your cookies vegan friendly. You may do this by simply skipping the regular butter and choosing other alternatives like peanut butter, casher or almond butter. Not only will this be nutritious, it also makes the cookies tastier. You can also add other items to make your gluten free cookies crunchier. Adding nuts, raisins and other fruits will give your cookies a texture that is not only good for your palate, but is also good for your tummy.


The next time that you consider buying any gluten free snacks, consider the money that you can save by creating your own cookies. You can always experiment with the materials you can use and end up getting fresh batches of cookies. Simply do an online search for these recipes and you'd realize that the majority of the products that you will be needing are readily available in your kitchen.